Mission Statement

As a multidisciplinary clinic, our mission is to provide family-focused intervention to children in our community to help them achieve near-normal function and maximize their potential so that they can be productive and function as independent individuals in society. When therapists from different disciplines work in sync on the same issues, it creates an opportunity for the issues to be viewed with different perspectives and hence leads to the best possible results for the patient. We firmly believe that this approach also brings the best out of our therapists.

Our Expertise


Pediatric Feeding Disorders (PFD) Defined as impaired oral intake that is not age-appropriate and is associated with medical, nutritional, feeding skill, and/or psychosocial dysfunction. 

Other Services




Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)/Speech Therapists (ST) evaluate how children understand language, respond to language, interact, and communicate with others. STs help children learn how to follow directions, use gestures meaningfully, use words and phrases to communicate, answer and ask questions, and use language in a social situation appropriately.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) evaluate children’s fine motor skills, self-help skills including feeding, dressing, grooming, and social skills including activity attention, peer relationships, and ability to regulate their emotions and behavior. OTs can help children with self-regulation, participation in the activities of daily living, and maximize their independence.  

Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapists (PTs) evaluate how children move and coordinate their bodies while in motion including: rolling, crawling and creeping, standing, walking, jumping and climbing. Our PTs can help support each child’s motor development, and help families make appropriate choices of adaptive equipment (which may include orthotics, wheelchairs or other seating devices, walkers or other devices to assist with mobility).  

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapists (DTs) evaluate children birth through 5 years of age targeting developmental areas including cognitive, play, social-emotional, behavior, self-help, expressive and receptive language, fine and gross motor. DTs help children to achieve maximum developmental potential and academic readiness skills.  

Common Diagnosis and Deficits

  • Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

  • Speech Apraxia

  • Stuttering

  • Articulation/Phonological Disorders

  • Language-based learning disorders

  • Augmentative communication

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Genetic abnormalities

  • Sensory Processing Disorders

  • Difficulties with self-care skills

  • Neurological/neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Torticollis

  • Delayed motor milestones

  • Hypotonia or hypertonia

  • NG-tube/ G-tube

  • Picky eaters/sensory feeding disorders

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